Building with the installation of outdoor advertising: Features

Most shops and shopping centers are interested in attracting new customers, and use various means of advertising. One of its kinds is outdoor advertising on rooftops. It may be the design of any complexity, illuminated or not, even with the advertising visuals screens, which usually represent different stocks, goods are offered at discounted prices.
Few companies today can afford the installation of such structures on the roof of the shopping center. This is due to attachment. To begin with, let's understand what this kind of plants and how they are made. Such outdoor advertising is called roof installation can only be used on buildings, foundations and supporting structure which allows you to mount similar designs. Their weight is usually quite large, so their attachment must have appropriate permissions. Such installations - it often, large letters with the name of the mall, advertising visuals plates that are mounted in a static framework of the roof structure.
Production of roof installations begins with the design process. Usually it takes a week to a month. Specialists conduct a thorough analysis of the building, studying the feasibility of installation of such outdoor advertising. In accordance with the possibilities of building design bureau calculates the maximum size of the letters, their permissible mass. Also conducted a study of wiring, if required for the production of light boxes Highlighted outdoor advertising. The most important elements of any advertising installation on the roof of the building is a metal frame. Necessary to clearly calculate its size and thickness of the metal, as in strong gusty winds this setting can be easily deformed, if calculations were made inaccurate.
Internal structure of such structures is quite simple and reliable. By the way, the production of light boxes usually conducted in workshops. On top of a metal frame attached special panels of reinforced plastic definite shape. LEDs are installed inside. The design must be completely sealed, to avoid the possibility of the wiring and its subsequent ignition. Attached to the roof structure is completely ready. First the frame is pulled after wiring with LEDs, closed structure with plastic shields further sealing the seams.

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