Sport and design

Sport and design - it would seem that common between these two concepts? It turns out a lot. Sportswear, like any other, can tell a lot about a man, his preferences, his taste, finally

Sport and design - it would seem that common between these two concepts? It turns out a lot. Sportswear, like any other , can tell a lot about a man , his preferences, his taste , finally. If a few decades ago, what looks like a tracksuit , was not at all important , but today it is just as important , usually a combination of three colors in the wardrobe .
The fact that people are not used to treat the sport as seriously as today. Before this game was considered a sport , fun entertainment. Instead of special sports clothing and comfortable shoes people simply rolled their sleeves taller shoes and boots in the usual - voila ! You can do something active. Only with the passage of time, with the development of civilization began to appear specialized attributes for sports. It concerns not only clothes, but that under it - supporting bandages and locks , for example, support the knee joint , which helps to avoid injury.
At the end of the XIX century , first appears sportswear and athletic shoes . Almost immediately comfortable sweatpants are not only clothes for sports , but for the rest. Such clothing is unified . It is wag that in the production of clothing and footwear savvy fashion designers have begun to actively implement the principles of not only comfort , but functionality.
It appeared in the XX century cult of healthy , smart body. People have less to worry about bright clothes and accessories cause , devote more time to his own body . Variety of accessories , such as , for example, support the elbow or Ankle , led to the fact that sportswear began to sew from better materials - dense , but does not restrict movement , light but strong .
Today, designers , both domestic and foreign , to consumers are very interesting models sportswear - velor and velvet women's sweatshirts , sweatpants , made of satin and silk , elastic tops in bright colors . With the latest technology of sewing quality materials , even under the most thinnest turtleneck will not be visible Caliper elbow or any other bandage. What is important , especially for women athletes .
In short, the sport - it's not only very useful but fashionable . How nice to get out on the tennis court is not that , they say, " do not mind dirty ", while the stylish tank top or t-shirt and shorts with trendy high waist. As you know, if people like yourself apparently , he is more confident in their abilities. Accordingly, and in the sport he can achieve great results. Such is the curious pattern.

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