Creative billboards

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Due to a high number of boring and dusty ads we stopped to pay attention to the billboards. Designers are trying to do their best in order to attract out attention.
Not so long ago one of the american sites posted a list of the most creative billboards. Here are 14 of them.

New Nestle chocolate

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Heineken neer.

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This billboard has been travelling on America during several years. Still nobody knows for what purpose it was made. Some think it was a social project to pay our attention to life transience, others - that it was one of the FBI projects. Still everybody agree on one thing - it looks pretty scary.

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BMW billboard in Russia.

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BIC razors.

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Poster for Kill Bill movie.

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Coops paint.

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Poster to the movie "Wanted".

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New netwok provider.

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"The Economist" magazine.

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Miele vacuum cleaners.

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Alpen Gold chocolate.

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This billboard was made by one of the architect bureau for those people who are limited in space in their apartments.

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