Collection of works of the artist Kagaya Yutaka

  • 2 February 2013
  • Bat

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Yutaka Kagaya - a Japanese artist, born in 1968 in Saitama (Japan) is one of the founders and a master of digital painting, known for his refined, romantic, colorful, fantasy paintings.

Since 1996, paints exclusively with computer technology, on the Mac. Paintings often include brightly lit or glowing elements. Basic subjects - astronomy, fantasy worlds. The works include the following main series: Star Travel (Celestial Exploring), Way Galaxy (Galactic Railroad), Star Tales (Starry Tales), and Zodiac (The Zodiac).

Many worked in the field of astronomy, studied illustration of astronomical books, magazines, design planetariums. Despite the fact that his paintings are fantastic, many of them very clearly and scientifically correctly depicts the stars, planets, constellations, celestial phenomena.

February 23, 2007 released a DVD-ROM Fantasy Railroad in the Stars, based on works by Kenji Miyazawa is about a boy, a journey through the Milky Way. The disc sounded known Japanese seiyū Hoko Kuvasima.
Won first place in the competition «Digital Art Contest in the USA». Held exhibitions of his works in Canada, South Korea (2008).[/i]

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yutaka1-3.jpg (440.79 Kb)yutaka1-2.jpg (351.38 Kb)yutaka1-4.jpg (383. Kb)yutaka1-5.jpg (179.94 Kb)yutaka1-6.jpg (155.74 Kb)yutaka1-7.jpg (253. Kb)yutaka1-8.jpg (92.12 Kb)yutaka1-9.jpg (89.23 Kb)yutaka1-10.jpg (.75 Kb)

yutaka1-11.jpg (82.59 Kb)yutaka1-12.jpg (227.29 Kb)yutaka1-13.jpg (184.64 Kb)yutaka1-14.jpg (434. Kb)yutaka1-15.jpg (253.74 Kb)yutaka1-16.jpg (163. Kb)yutaka1-17.jpg (186.14 Kb)yutaka1-18.jpg (197. Kb)yutaka1-19.jpg (260.46 Kb)yutaka1-20.jpg (179.13 Kb)

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