Nigel Barker

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Nigel Barker - famous fasion-photographer and producer. Used to work as a model, but became most famous for work as a photographer.

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Born in London, of English and Sri Lankan descent. Mother was named Miss Sri Lanka, Nigel Barker grew up in a family with five siblings from a total of three marriages, and lived there until the age of eighteen. Barker attended Bryanston School, a boarding school, where he took his A-levels in biology, chemistry, and physics.

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He planned on continuing his studies in medicine, but Barker's mother, a former Miss Sri Lanka, entered him into a televised model search on The Clothes Show. Barker wound up being a finalist on the show, which started his modeling career. He modeled for around 10 years in London, Milan, Paris and New York City.
Because of his modeling, Barker's love for fashion grew, and in 1996 he decided he wanted to become a photographer. Nigel opened his own photo studio, StudioNB, in the now-fashionable Meat Packing District in Manhattan. Barker's photo credits include GQ, Interview, Lucky, Tatler, Cover, Town & Country, Seventeen, Nicole Miller, Ted Baker, Lands' End, Nine West, Lexus, Leviev, Jordache, Beefeater, Pamella Roland, Ford and Sony.

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Barker is currently a judge on Tyra Banks' reality show, America's Next Top Model. He was also an official judge for the Miss America Pageant in 2007 and also serves as executive producer for the VH1 photography-based reality contest, The Shot.

Barker made a special appearance as a photographer on the third cycle of Canada's Next Top Model, and in Episode 10 of the first cycle of New Zealand's Next Top Model. Barker appeared as guest judge and photographer on the first cycle of Mexico's Next Top Model. He also made a guest appearance on the second cycle of Benelux' Next Top Model.

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Barker published a book on beauty, Nigel Barker's Beauty Equation: Revealing a Better and More Beautiful You, released September 2010, from Abrams Image. The book guides the reader through a series of self-portrait and journaling challenges, which help the reader to discover their inner beauty by building confidence and self-esteem and in turn, enhance their outer beauty.

In January 2009, Barker opened a photography exhibit, Haiti: Hunger and Hope, at the Milk Gallery in New York. His work in Haiti earned him a Do Something with Style Award nomination from the VH1 Do Something Awards. The awards show, produced by Vh1, is dedicated to honoring people who do good and is powered by Do Something, an organization that aims to empower, celebrate, and inspire young people.

Barker has been married to Cristen Chin (now Barker), a model and CoverGirl representative, since 1999. The couple reside in New York City with their two children Jack and Jasmine.

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