Dan Busta

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Dan Busta’s photographs are recognizable from the first glance by his remarkable style and talent to shoot the best moment and composition. He chooses the best moment to shoot allowing him to capture unnoticeable motion.

In addition, Dan’s photos are diverse in both styles and types such as scene photography, personal photography and more, but all his photos share the same concept of delivering a message.

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago while most kids his age were hanging out at malls, Dan Busta found his passion for photography by capturing photos of skating. He quickly became a staple in the industry as one of four leading photographers by the age of 19. His sport documentary work has brought him around the globe to countries such as Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Peru, and Serbia.

In contrast with his past work, Busta has recently been concentrating on photographing human emotions. He delicately controls and composes people and props to build each picture which is inspired by master painters of the neo-classical and romantic era.

Busta still keeps it real by attending an annual skatepark tour through the Rocky Mountains, where he jumps off a 40-foot bridge into the Colorado River.

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