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A few years ago there have been several important events in my life. These events made me llok at the world from the other side. I learned about the laws of the universe and found that they really work.
I want to share them with you too. Wonderful works of the Arthur Mebius we help me to do this

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Even when bad things happen to us, we can always find positive side in it:)
In any case, we should learn to do this!

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We need to understand what we really want, and strive for our dreams. Maybe you are at the very beginning ...
Do not give up! Do not even dare to think that something might not happen. If there is a commitment, everything is possible! As Paulo Coelho said ... (see following note)

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If you want something with all your heart, the universe will open its doors to you at the place, where it was closed earlier!

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Miracles happen, you just have to believe!

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Who did tell you that "the "visualization board" should be made from wood?

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Everything is in our hands, so don't give up. We must always believe into the best, and strive to achieve it!

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We always run away from problems. We say that everything surrounding is bad, corruption is everywhere, crime level is increasing and so on. But still sit and do nothing. We are waiting that there will be somebody who will come and do everything for us. This is wrong! If you do not like something, change it, move forward!

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Learn to understand humour even if it's not appropriate. If you learn how to do this, your life will be happier. Also, remember a saying "Life is what you make it". This means that by thinking in a positive way you will receive your positive thoughts back and this will make you even happier.

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Give a smile as often as possible. By doing this you are making happier not only others, but yourself too!
(For one thing, that you get a smile in response)

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