Is Dragon Age: Origins worth playing in 2021

There are games which are nice to talk about because they are of high quality. There are those that are easy to write about, because the genre of the game is loved by you, and it is difficult to surprise you with something new in it.

Dragon Age: Origins one of the best tactical RPGs of the late 2000’s. Dragon Age: Origins is a tactical role-playing video game developed by BioWare. The game was released on November 03, 2009 right after they released mass effect 1. BioWare made a lot of different video games in the past each of them having a considerable impact in the video game community and much like the games before this, this game offered something different while simultaneously making it familiar at the same time. Not many people know this, but this game was pretty much a spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights as an attempt to build a similar RPG experience while feeling fresh and new in the process and they nailed it.

The game is crafted almost perfectly as the next generation Baldur’s Gate streamline and more friendly and accessible to new and casual players. The game also puts a lot of emphasis into world building and the characters that inhabited it, successfully making each area of the game to feel different and refreshing. The characters are believable the gameplay is well crafted and the lore around it is thought-provoking, all while keeping the overall story intriguing. Also, much like the Mass effect and the Witcher series the game involves molding the world in its story with each one of your actions and decisions that you make while playing the game your choices do matter and will continue to matter with the succeeding games. The game is semi mature meaning sex, blood, gore and it focus on heavy topics are included, but not on the level of the Witcher series. Graphics wise if you are going to play this game right now it might be a little dated. But the game holds itself really well and it is plays considerably well.

About the plot

At the beginning of the game, we are given a choice of the character’s race (dwarf / human / elf) and class (mage / warrior / rogue). At the time of the first playthrough, I chose a male warrior. Realizing that I was not able to wield a weapon from a tactical point of view, the following choice fell on the mage class.

 So, you are a new Grey Warden recruit and you have to save Ferelden from the Blight. The Fifth Blight is an invasion of disfigured monsters, or darkspawn (you will hear it more than a dozen times for the whole game for sure).

To do this, you need to go through the ritual and become the Grey Warden. The Grey Wardens are an Order of warriors that have ability to fight darkspawn and defeat Archdemon, an Old God that manifested in the form of a dragon.

You can further familiarize yourself with the history of the Dragon Age universe by completing side quests, reading books and talking with your companions.   

In Dragon Age, the Wardens of any race and gender can pursue a romance, which is a characteristic feature for all games from BioWare. And what can be done if mods come into play …

Reasons to Love DA: Origins

The creators spent a huge amount of time developing this game for a reason. Let’s take a look at the reasons why are ready to come back to this masterpiece again and again.


Special attention is deserved not only by the companions of the protagonist, but by side characters, that you encounter in the game. The manner of communication, character, their life story – you are imbued even with those characters who are found only in episodic moments.

The plot

It certainly deserves a separate “WOW”. The authors have worked so well that for each race and class they have come up with a different beginning of the game. By the way, there are as many as six variations, depending on who you decide to play as.

The romantic component and the human factor
And yet, the game would not be what it is now, without the relations between the characters. Characters are amazing and you can not help, but feel for them. Despite the chosen gender of the protagonist, you will be able to have a romantic relationship with both men and women (with the exception of some individual characters). Communicating with companions (even in a friendly way), you will find out their preferences, and you can talk about personal experiences. All this is accompanied by cutscenes to completely immerse the player in the virtual world.

The variety of locations

In Origins, quite a few locations are available where you can explore and get acquainted with other races and their way of life.

Thus, you will find yourself in the Brecilian Forest, a favorite hiding place for Dalish Elves; an underground metropolis, where dwarves reside; the Circle of Magi’s tower and many other places.


About a year later, in March 2010, the DLC comes out: Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. The plot of the dlc continues the story of the main part, in which there is again a struggle with the darkspawn. However, the creature calling itself the Architect becomes the antagonist, with whom the protagonist will meet.

Dragon Age: Origins is a game that will definitely not leave you indifferent. At the time of a first playthrough, you get used to all your companions and atmosphere.

I think that today is a great occasion to repeat the adventure of the Grey Warden, or to start it for the first time.

And what do you remember about Dragon Age: Origins? We can discuss in the comments below!

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